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This webpage is the central point for our senior design project, the Digital Real-time Intelligent Networked Kegerator. We are still considering corporate sponsors, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What's the point?
The Digital Real-time Intelligent Networked Kegerator is our attempt to address two real-world issues regarding the alcohol and food service industry. The purpose of this design is to be a tool for both home users and commercial venues.
Commercial venues that serve draft beer often have problems with inventory analysis and beer waste. Typically it is very difficult to tell how much of a beverage is in a keg, and how fast it is being consumed. Bartenders can keep a mental tab of how much of each keg is being used, and sophisticated cash registers can help keep track of drinks sold, but there is still no way for waste to be assessed.
Home users also run into similar inventory questions, and the matter complicates when there isn't a designated bartender. How much did one friend drink? Is the DD drinking out of the beer tap instead of the rootbeer one? Do friends owe money for drinks? Our project hopes to serve as a tool to address all of these questions.

The Digital Real-time Intelligent Networked Kegerator will address safety, legal, usability, and economic concerns of draft beverage distribution. Alcohol consumption monitoring will provide a tool to allow a person to know exactly how much they have consumed, learn estimated legal limits, and reduce unauthorized or unlawful drinking. System control and monitoring will allow users to track inventory, decrease beverage waste, and predict future resource needs.


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